Traveling in Europe in a wise way

Traveling in Europe in a wise way

Europe is always an attractive destination all tourists want to discover at least once in their life. However, traveling in this continent is not cheap. The basic demands for accommodation, transportation and food can easily make you become a bankrupt person after a trip to Europe.

Considering this problem, the objective of this paper is to help you be able to travel in Europe on a tight budget and explore this continent without any financial worries. Just follow these tips.

Tip 1: Planning

Make sure that you have a careful and well-prepared plan for the trip. If your desire is to keep your cost at the lowest level while traveling in Europe, take any potential problems into consideration. Create a detailed schedule to follow, consider how many nights you are going to stay in each place, where to go and what to do. In fact, this schedule is an instruction to help you book your travel arrangements and accommodations in advance. Remember to develop the agenda as carefully as possible because it will help keep your cost at the lowest.

Tip 2: Discount-hunting

find discount trip

To save an amount of money as much as possible, make sure that you are ready to become a sale-off hunter. Don’t laugh, because discount-hunting is a kind of art. As soon as you have an intention of travelling, surf the internet, look for the information and book earliest as you can. Remember that, when it is not in the rush-hot tourist time, the companies of transportation always offer a lot of discount programs for rail ticket or airfare if you can book it more than a month in advance. Obviously, when buying in advance, particularly when compared to buying tickets the day of your journey, you can have substantial savings. Particularly speaking, the rule you cannot forget “first come, first serve”.

Tip 3: Free-Accommodation hunting


Accommodation is always a big basic problem to all visitors, especially foreign ones. It is its importance that causes your budget deficit. Join This website is dedicated to helping international travelers find free accommodations. It costs a donation to verify your bank account and thereby your legitimacy, but after that, the service is free. Joining this website means that you will take part in a social media net, similar to Facebook, in which you can make friends and lists. The best thing is that, as a member, you can easily find people to stay with wherever you happen to be traveling. You can also offer to host travelers yourself. Accommodations vary dramatically, with some people offering couches or air mattresses and others offering rooms or suites that you may use. Hosts specify how long you can stay, which can vary from just one night to more than a week. While a hostel room charge you at least $20 a night, this resource is well worth exploring to keep your European travel costs down.

Tip 4: Friend with Cash

Forget you credit card and use cash only. Be sure to change the money into local currency before your trip. Withdrawing money from an ATM may include small fees, for currency exchange or withdrawal, but they are less than the fees a money changer will charge you or that your credit card company will charge you for the same service. Especially, when you make a big deal, some merchants may even offer cash discounts. Remember to keep your cash in a safe place like a money belt. It may cause you some inconvenience, but in general, spending cash will save you money. The euro is accepted in most European countries and is, therefore, the recommended currency to carry.

Step 5: Eating wisely

Eat wisely when travel

Eat like a local resident. Eating in restaurants costs you more money than expected. Instead, purchasing sandwich fixings and picnicking across Europe is cheaper. In fact, the restaurants often offer tourist menus, look for fixed-price meals with drinks. Otherwise, avoid the restaurants near the tourist attractions. Walk around and keep an eye on the restaurant where there are lots of local customers. The cost will always be lower than those restaurants serving visitors and tourists, and the cuisine will often be more authentic for the area.

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One thought on “Traveling in Europe in a wise way

  1. Not to be rude but I suggest you don’t do this alone as in all hosenty you sound too naive. I mean you think you need a passport for each country? You need a passport from YOUR country, not other countries. Go with someone else or wait until you’re in your mid 20 s. I did it in my mid 20 s but by then I was very street wise even so it’s very daunting to go to places where you don’t speak the language where you get lost as it’s a new city, etc. Again your naivety shows re not knowing that certain European countries are dangerous to travel to alone. You would be hassled by men alot in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal Greece, hassling could range from following you in a flirtatious manner to actually attacking you as these cultures are different they may think you are promiscuous or something to be travelling alone. That’s why I avoided those countries when I went. I researched my trip thoroughly, the Lonely Planet guidebooks are the best ones they have warnings in them about dangers annoyances also warnings for female travellers. Even some places I went to that I thought would be safe, actually weren’t so you need to be able to handle that get yourself out of some bad situations. For instance I found Germany easy to travel around in but I had major problems in Berlin in broad daylight. Like being followed by creepy old men, a dangerous looking homeless man, being abused by a neo nazi who didn’t like non German people in his country, having an old Turkish man try get his young grandchild to open the zip of my backpack on the train rob me, etc, he tried this 3 times even though he knew I knew what he was up to. I also had a nasty incident in an innocent German town, which is a popular tourist spot, where a local teenager pushed me into a shop window really violently as evidently he hated tourists. You just never know what can happen. If you are too innocent sensitive then you won’t cope. The other thing about these incidents is that in Germany the public won’t come to help you, they just look after themselves. Other than that my trip was great but I’m just trying to illustrate to you that I don’t think you’re the right age I don’t think you have enough life experience to cope.When I was travelling I stayed in youth hostels as it was cheap every now then I’d come across another female travelling alone but she wasn’t the type to be able to handle it. They’d be all desperate clingy looking for me to tell them what to do mother them. There is nothing more annoying than that. It’s fun to meet other travellers, but not ones like that! I wasn’t going to have my travelling ruined by having to hold some silly girl by the hand every step of the way. One of them was actually following me around Europe as I had made the mistake of telling her of my itinerary. I don’t get why she chose to travel alone when clearly she couldn’t cope. In the end I lied told her I’d changed my itinerary again so that she’d head off to all the wrong countries. Lol, I had to get rid of he somehow, she was kind of nuts really annoying.People do look for lone travellers to rob, etc as a teenage female on your own you are much more vulnerable. How about doing an organised tour instead? But research those carefully as the Contiki ones some others are often full of young people just getting drunk sleeping around with one another that seems like a waste of a trip to Europe to me, not to mention a pretty trashy poor character thing to do as well, I mean they can just stay at home do that anyway!I’m surprised your parents are letting you go alone too. Another way you can test how you feel is to travel far away somewhere in your own country or to a neighbouring country on your own see how you feel on your own. But bear in mind that will be easy if you are American only going to Canada, which is similar in culture also English speaking. Still, it’s a trial run of sorts.Also alot of people get lonely on their own don’t find it fun. You could also advertise for a travelling companion go with another girl from where you live, but meet her first of course find out if what she wants to do on the trip is the same as what you want to do. I think there are even websites where you can seek travelling companions, just be careful to meet with them in a public place, etc.Frequent traveller