Best things to do in Kansas and San Francisco without breaking your pocket

Best things to do in Kansas and San Francisco without breaking your pocket

Kansas and San Francisco are two of the most outstanding tourist attractions in the United States. Therefore, travelling to these two cities is always a non-stop desire throughout their life for all real foreign visitors. Imagine that you have a chance to go, how can you experience in both cities in a wisest way? Just try the following tips.

1. Accommodation

Kansas City and San Francisco are places where some sport events are held. If your trip is at the same time as these events, staying near the ballpark is always advised. It is convenient not only to see the game but also to find a good hotel. How amazing is this experience!

Accommodation in Kansas city, Raphael hotel

Raphael Hotel in Kansas City

In Kansas City, the Raphael Hotel  is not a bad choice. This award-winning venue will transport you around the world with its Italian architecture and posh settings, being surrounded by the small-town charm of the Midwest. Closer to Kauffman Stadium — and by closer, we mean across the street — is the Four Points by Sheraton, which is extremely convenient for your game-day. Especially, there are a lot of own sports bars which can serve you before or after joining a game.

Meanwhile, your staying here in San Francisco will be better when living in a lot of niche neighborhoods. Reserve a room at the Chancellor Hotel in Union Square, a popular SF destination surrounded by quaint boutiques and department stores, or Stanyan Park Hotel in Haight-Ashbury, the flower-power center of the ’60s. While these neighborhoods are at different ends of the spectrum, they both are vital to a unique San Franciscan experience. In addition, the Hotel Vitale (on the right) should also be taken into consideration. This luxury hotel with a penthouse-level spa, a circular cocktail lounge, and breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay will make your trip not likely to be better than that.

Park View Hotel, 750 Stanyan St, San Francisco

2. Food and drink

bbq in kansas

In Kansas – Don’t forget our BBQ

This series are regarded as the best choice for food lovers when travelling in Kansas and San Francisco. One city has the surf, the other has the turf. The series kicks off in Kansas City, nothing but barbecue. Known as “BBQ capital of the world”, Kansas City literally offers hundreds of places to pig out on the smoky goodness of brisket, pork and ribs. If you’ll be walking for a stroll around Kauffman Stadium before game time, make sure you hit up Gates Bar-B-Q, just 10 minutes from the action on foot. If you go along the downtown, keep an eye on the legendary restaurant Arthur Bryant’s (on the left). You can enjoy the best BBQ in both places and have wonderful experience.  Besides, venturing to the Westwood neighborhood in southwest Kansas City for Oklahoma Joe’s makes your trip more unique. Don’t ignore the gas station décor — there’s BBQ goodness inside.
On the other hand, when shifting to San Francisco, your taste buds should shift to the sea. Seafood is considered as one of specialties all tourists want to enjoy in here. Around this island with water surrounded, there are many amazing seafood restaurants. Routinely voted one of the best seafood restaurants in the Bay Area, Anchor Oyster Bar is the place to satisfy your deepest craving for that raw goodness on a half shell. From oyster shooters to award-winning clam chowder, the simple menu will have you coming back for more. A short walk around the corner from Anchor will land you at Catch, a slightly upscale restaurant that features amazing seafood with an Italian flair. One problem is you should prepare your budget before deciding to come here, not really cheap! But don’t worry; it will not be a mistake for your pocket with things happening!

3. Activities

Every great city has a great marketplace, Kansas City is not an exception. In the heart of downtown Kansas City is the City Market (on the left). This open-air marketplace, over 150 years old, is a source of local farmers markets, retail shops and restaurants. With prices as well as products here, City Market is always a must-stop during your trip in Kansas City.  Another place that visitors cannot forget is one of the great museums : American Jazz Museum. In the famous 18th and Vine district, the museum is just one of many jazz-themed bars and restaurants in an area that is still a hotbed for great music.

fisherman s_wharf san francisco

Like Kansas City, San Francisco offers hundreds of activities to. Fisherman’s Wharf is just a hop, skip and a jump away from downtown and AT&T Park. Catch a ride on one of the city’s famous streetcars to get from place to place. Or you can enjoy the wonderful sights of several festivals and fireworks held each month. However, a trip to San Francisco would not be complete without simply travelling across, perhaps, the most famous bridge in the world. The stunning sight of the Golden Gate Bridge will impress even the most experienced travelers. One trip across it will make your time and effort worthwhile.


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