How to travel in Washington wisely

How to travel in Washington wisely

Like other states, Washington D.C, the capital of the United States, is one of the tourist destinations all travelers want to stay at least once in their life. The most interesting attraction in Washington D.C is that there are a lot of tourist spots which are free of charge for admission. Therefore, it will help your trip is cheaper than expected.  But be careful, it is also easy for you to spend money here if you don’t have a careful plan before your trip, in spite of the free admissions. To keep your pocket from broken on your DC trip, follow these tips:

  1. Where to stay.

If you have a tendency to stay in DC overnight, avoid the hotels in Downtown DC which offer a more expensive price per night than other places. It would be better for you to book a room at a hotel nearby in Maryland or Virginia. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by simply spending a few dollars on a good map and decide whether you go there by driving or using the Metro subway, city buses, or taxies. Just wisely choose a hotel close to a Metro station of a shuttle service to the Metro.

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  1. Where to eat

Food in Washington D.C is generally quite expensive, especially in museums and galleries. Restaurants are also expected not to be cheap. Besides, unlike other cities, in the grocery stores and convenience stores, the prices of goods are higher than those outside of the city. How to solve to this problem?

food-in-washingtonFirstly, try to have breakfast in your hotel, even if you have to enjoy some donuts in your room. Secondly, when you hang out and start a day of sightseeing, avoid the money pits of museum and mall food stands and street vendors by putting some snacks or having a picnic lunch in your bag. The reason is that the food at the museums and malls is not only expensive, but unhealthy. Don’t worry about the places where you can enjoy your meal outdoors. There are a few picnic tables around and the Mall has a lot of benches for you to sit down under the tree shadow. By contrast, if you decide to stay in the hotel, and making a lunch by yourself is hard, let’s stop at a grocery store for a sandwich which is cheaper than that in a restaurant in town. When you do eat out and are looking for a restaurant, don’t be afraid to look over the menu first to be sure that there are items that you find appealing and the price is not too expensive.

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  1. Becoming a real backpacker

Don’t be afraid of the thought that a backpacker is a bit ashamed in some ways. Carrying a backpack during your trip is a good way to help you not be broken your pocket. Simply, a backpack will hold everything you need and prevent you from spending money on things not necessary.

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For example, carrying an umbrella in your backpack will save you from having to buy one if it rains unexpectedly, which it can be in the region, especially on summer late afternoons and evenings. You can also carry all necessities such as wallets, cameras and maps in a backpack for easy travel. You can even prepare some snacks or a picnic lunch in advance and put them in your backpack. By that way, you can avoid having to pay much money for food at the museums and galleries snack stands. You can also use you bag to store any souvenir that you may find during your travel.

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