How to travel in Canada in a cheapest way

How to travel in Canada in a cheapest way

Canada is a country well-known for wonderfully friendly people, luxurious cities, and a variety of magnificent landscapes.

From the ice in the Yukon, to beaches on the east coast, the mountains of Calgary to the rainforests of Vancouver, Canada offers tourists a lot of chances to enjoy the most attractive destinations. Surprisingly, this country doesn’t get as much attention as it should, which can become a hugely regrettable experience to every real tourists in their life. What about you? If you don’t want to be sorry for that reason, let’s take your bag up and go right now. Money is not a really big problem providing that you follow these tips.

1. Accommodation
This is the first consideration you must take while planning to visit Canada. Basing on what city you are going to stay, rent can vary a lot. On average, with about $30 USD, you will have a dorm room at a hostel while you should expect to pay around $50 USD for a budget hotel room.

Accommodation in Canada
2. Food
This is the most favorite one that each tourist wants to discover when he takes his step on a new land. In Canada, food can be inexpensive as long as you are willing to cook for yourself. Noticeably, it takes you about $20-25 USD to have a meal out at a restaurant! Cheap sandwich shops and fast food are your best bet and will be less than $10 USD per meal. If you are going to cook your own food, expect to pay between $50-75 USD per week. That’s so cheap for a tourist without much money.
Using coupon sites is also a good solution for food in Canada. If you know your stops ahead of time, monitor sites like Living Social and Groupon for local deals and saving. There are always good listings on some top restaurants and attractions.

Canada foot festival
3. Transportation
This is a big country. Its long distance and the high cost of domestic travel make it harder to get around without a car. Within the city limits, public transportation is regarded as an ideal choice, especially the metro system which is about $2.75 USD for a single ticket. There is a train service (VIA Rail) that runs from coast to coast and is very scenic, but it’s not cheap. Keep a careful eye on your belongings if you use long-haul bus service across the country offered by Companies like Greyhound and Red Arrow because of many thefts. If you’re going between provinces or staying a while in the country, consider renting a car for between $35-60 USD per day. Buying an used car is also a good solution for long-term visitors on a long holiday
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4. Activities

Travel canada cheap
Canada has a lot of outdoor activities and outdoor summer festivals. Because in Canada, the winter is nearly all the time during the year, people often held a lot of festivals in the short time of summer. Therefore, before going to this country, prepare a list of exciting festivals here like Heritage Days (Edmonton), Kits Days (Vancouver), and Caribana (Toronto), which are free. In the winter, to enjoy most of free outdoor activities, just spend some money to rent the equipments like a pair of cross-country skis or snowshoes. Don’t worry because it costs you under $60 USD for a day, and you can explore many areas at no further cost.

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