How to travel Cuba on a budget

How to travel Cuba on a budget

Cuba is not only famous for its Havana cigarette, but also known as one of the most wonderful tourist destinations of Caribbean region. To explore this exciting country without breaking your budget, just follow these tips.


Travelling at the right time will help you save your money. Cuba owns the ideal weather for tourists to discover. The climate is mild and sunny with a high temperature of 26 degree during the day in summer. This country has two seasons: rainy season (May-October), dry season (January-April). Therefore, the most suitable time to travel is from September to December. Remember that the stormy season will happen during the period from June to August. Don’t go to Cuba at this time if you want safety for your life.


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Transport in Cuba

To actually travel around the island though, there are a number of transport options:
The tourist bus. The two main bus companies are Viazul and Transtur, and they provide nearly the same service with air conditioning, reclinable seats. They take direct journeys with connections around the major cities and smaller towns that tourists might want to visit. You should book the tickets in advance in order to assure your schedule.

Trains. Train travel is a possibility, although I never managed to ride on one. The timetables change very often and routes run on different days, and after I spent a long time researching the possibilities, I eventually gave up trying.
Three-wheel taxis: this vehicle is familiar to all locals and tourists, which is regarded as an outstanding feature of Cuba streets. Renting a car is a little expensive here.


As a tourist, eating in Cuba is a strange business. Most casas offer to make their guests both breakfast and dinner for an additional cost, and the huge delicious portions they serve up each day make it a very sensible idea.
Most mornings you can enjoy a big breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs, bread, biscuits, coffee, and fresh juice. I’m not a big eater in the mornings, but I tried my best to eat as I didn’t want to waste anything.

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Yep, that’s a breakfast for one.

In the early evenings you can sit down to rice, black beans, plantain, salad and whichever meat you want, usually a choice between chicken, pork, fish, shrimp or lobster, at varying prices.
As a huge eater, I was often able to finish these platefuls. But when you’re confronted with a giant lobster, it feels almost insulting not to try. Cubans don’t seem to eat anything other than peso pizza for lunch, and after trying a few alternatives I can seewhy. Try heading into an average looking dinner, ordering tuna pasta, and seeing if you can stomach eating this…


If you’re budget traveling, get to know this term: casa particular. These are private homes that rent one or two rooms to foreigners. They are similar to a B&B. Most casas will charge you for the room, not the amount of guests staying in it – and there’s usually a couple of beds, meaning enough space for four or even five people in one room.cuba hotel, cuba accommodation
When you think that a night in a room can cost anywhere between 15 CUC (1 CUC=1 USD) and 30 CUC, there’s a huge saving to be made if you’re travelling with other people. The only sacrifice to be made is giving up the chance to sleep in the nude, which in the Cuban heat.
You can also book a room in a hotel in Cuba. Although the room facilities are not really good due to the damage left from the war, people are so friendly here. Remember that it is cheaper to book a room online than do it directly. is a reputable and reliable website for you, which offer a discount of 10-40% when booking.

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