How to get paid to travel the world

How to get paid to travel the world

Most of us enjoy travelling, but not all of us have enough financial power to pay for all travelling expenditures; including airfares, accommodation, food and many other expenses.

However, don’t be hurried to get disappointed or frustrated because there’s always a chance for you to travel for free! In fact, you can even get paid while doing so. Too good to be true? You may think you are daydreaming, but it’s true. If you have a passion for traveling and can’t imagine living out the rest of your days in one place, consider looking for work that will pay you to travel.

1. Work as a Tour Guide

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To be able work as a Tour guide, it doesn’t only bring you to popular travel destinations by leading tourists there, but also helps you learn more about new things such as different cultures and various histories as well as brush up on the local language. Furthermore, you’d also have opportunities to make new friends all over the world. Sounds interesting?

2. Teaching English as a foreign language

Nowadays, English has been becoming a global language. This seems a good opportunity for native speakers of English to work as English teachers in English non-spoken nations, especially in Southeast Asia and Latin America. To become an English teacher in a non-native country, you could have an educational and cultural trip to the land through teaching and learning from students. In many cases, it doesn’t require you to be qualified or have teaching diploma, because there is the only thing that they care about is you are a native speaker. However, to make sure about getting a successful job interview, you should prepare necessary certificates and improve your odds before moving to another country to get hired.

Be a WWOFer

3. Be a WWOF’er
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF, is a non-traditional business. Working as a WWOF’er means to trade your time and labor to get free accommodations and meals. There are numerous job opportunities for you to choose from farms. Although you need to shoulder your own expenses flying to the farm, once you’re there, many can offer a ride to the next destination. The most especial thing about this job is that it’d bring you more closely to nature.

4. Become a travel photographer

For those who have a high-quality camera and a great eye for photography, there is a huge opportunity to sell travel photos that snap or to be hired to save memorable moments in couples’ wedding events or special ceremonies. You’d not only be paid, but also would have chances to enjoy exotic scenes on beautiful sunny islands or beaches.

5. Work for a cruise line
To be employed and work on a cruise ship is all travelling lovers’ dream. This will send you to mysterious wonders with a good pay. Generally, on a cruise ship there will be everything necessary for a journey, so you’d also have chances to enjoy them such as bars, gyms, karaoke rooms, party areas, internet cafes, and organized activities. Sounds great, right?

6. Start a travel blog

travel-get-paid, start a travel blog

It is not easy to become a travel blogger because it needs you to spend much time travelling to have experiences about the places you pass through, and a good writing competence. However, it’d bring you lots of fun by writing blogs, articles, reviews about experiences in your interesting trips. Once you build a reputation and impression to readers, you may apply to write for travel publications such as magazines and travel guides to get higher pay then.

7. Become a flight attendant


Working as a flight attendant may be viewed as the most travel-related job. This job doesn’t require you a specialized degree or complicated professional knowledge, but prior experiences and certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration or a hospitality degree will grant you greater opportunities. Normally, light attendant positions pay more than many other jobs that offer you similar travel benefits and only require minimal training. Another bonus that you can get from this job is free or discount flights for you and your family. Sounds wonderful?

8. Become an au pair

If you adore children and know a second language, apart from your mother tongue. This seems an ideal option for you to become an au pair. Working as aux pairs means that you’d live with the host family in a foreign country. Typically, aux pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a monetary allowance for personal use. In Europe for example, where the concept originated, aux pairs are only supposed to work part-time, and they often also study part-time. As a result, you won’t only save some money for travelling, but also have time to develop your education and learn about culture as well as the native language there. To learn more about becoming an au pair, visit

9. Trade Specialty, Foreign Goods
You are in love with trips overseas, but having just a little amount to start with? Consider getting into the import-export trade and head out to exotic destinations to search for local specialty and handmade products that will appeal to travel-hungry  consumers back home.

Terrific tip: Pick up goods that areas are known for (examples include Italian leather, Mexican hammocks, and Turkish ceramics) as well as one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be purchased by the truck full. Once you are back in the U.S., sell them to stores, collectors, and even eBay for a handsome profit.

You’ll have to figure out how to navigate customs regulations, but when you can sell goods for many times their original worth, the hassle pays for itself.

10. Become an international aid worker


If you are a travelling lover and especially want to make a difference and bring positive things to less lucky people’s lives. Then, you should consider working for an international aid organization. This area of this work is very diverse in many fields from healthcare, education, gender equality to human rights, and the environment. With this job, you can visit struggling countries and help its residents recover from dire situations such as natural disasters and famine. This job doesn’t give you opportunities to discover new lands, but you also could share some of your luck and happiness with others. This job is very meaningful, isn’t it?

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