How to find cheap accommodation in New York City

How to find cheap accommodation in New York City

Fortunately, I had a chance to travel in New York city, which was so much fun! It’s an understatement to say I completely fell in love with the city. From the culture, to the walking, to the bagels (everything, of course) and back to the culture it was an amazing experience! One of the only things that is not optimal about NYC is its cost, especially the cost of accommodation.

The simple fact is, you can’t visit NYC and get the full experience without spending some money on room rent during the trip. Remember that the price of accommodation in NYC is not cheap.  However, don’t worry because it doesn’t have to break you if you follow the tips as below. 

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Cheap hotel, accommodation in New York City

Go uptown, downtown, or to an outer borough. After spending some time in New York, I see that staying at a room in the Midtown location is the best way for you to save your money. Remember that the subway can take you to all places you want to go in some minutes. When I was at a room on the Upper West Side, it just took me half an hour to get to the Statue of Liberty by ferry.

Another example is when you stay outside the Theater District, in the residential neighborhoods where real New Yorkers live. You not only protect your pocket because of the cheap rent here, but have a better chance to experience the special things: You won’t constantly be fighting crowds, you’ll have terrific restaurants nearby, and you’ll see what life in the city is really like. To be a wise tourist, trying lodgings in Brooklyn and Queens is also recommended for you.

Buy a money-saving package deal. With my experience, you should buy a money-saving package deal for your trip. Simply because it combines your airfare and your hotel stay for one price which may just be the best bargain of all. In some cases, in addition to accommodations, transportation to and from the airport will be also included—maybe an afternoon sightseeing tour or restaurant and shopping discount coupons. Most airlines and many travel agents, as well as the usual booking websites (Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia) offer good packages to New York City.

Visit over a weekend. The trip over a weekend will save a big amount of money. At this time, business hotels tend to empty out, and rooms which charge you $300 or more from Monday to Thursday can drop dramatically, can be as low as $150 or less, once the executive officers have headed home. These deals are prevalent in the Financial District, but they’re often available in tourist-saturated Midtown, too. Also, you’ll find that Sunday nights are the least expensive

Go at the right season. The price of a room in New York can vary considerably depending on what time of year you visit. It can increase up to hundreds of dollar. The spring, from January through mid-March, is regarded as the best time for bargains. The summer, especially in July and August, is the second best time of the year. The winter is the busiest and most expensive season before and after Christmas, but November tends to be quiet and rather affordable, providing that you don’t choose a parade-route hotel on Thanksgiving holiday.

However, there is a paradox thing in New York is that when the city fills up, the hotels with the not-really-high quality will often offer the prices that are equal to or even higher than the luxurious hotels. My advice is you should definitely never try and assess the quality of a hotel basing on the price it’s asking. You will be wiser if you read the reviews carefully and make a comparison of the prices among the hotels before booking a room for your trip.

Choose a chain. With some exceptions, I have not listed mass-volume chain hotels in this chapter. In my opinion, they tend to lack the character and local feel that most independently-run hotels have. And it’s that feel, I believe, that is so much a part of the travel experience. However, when you’re looking for a deal, they can be a good option. Most hotels—particularly such chains as Comfort Inn and Best Western—are market-sensitive. Because they hate to see rooms sit empty, they’ll often negotiate good rates at the last minute and in slow seasons. You can also pull out all the stops for discounts at a budget chain, from reward points to senior status to corporate rates. Most chain hotels let the kids stay with parents for free. Ask for every kind of discount; if you get an unhelpful reservation agent, call back. Of course, there’s no guarantee.

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