Best things to do in the north of Canada (part2)

Best things to do in the north of Canada (part2)

After spending in Yellowknife for a few days, I moved to the hamlet of Kugluktuk in the region of Nunavut. Kugluktuk is the westernmost community in Nunavut. It is located north of the Arctic Circle on the Canadian mainland at the mouth of the Coppermine River where it feeds into Coronation Gulf, which is part of the Northwest Passage. The weather here is colder than in Yellowknife. That’s why you can try on a goose-down jacket without worrying that you will be made fun of.

Kugluktuk province

In Kugluktuk, I went on the ship named CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent, the largest and most powerful icebreaker in Canada. This ship would be through the Northwest Passage toward Resolute Bay. But remember that travelling by ship was a little expensive here.

It took me four days on the ship. During this journey, the captain and some various Arctic experts told me about some pressing problems which Canada’s North must cope with. One of them is global warming and its impact. Besides, they also mentioned an increase in exploration activity in the North, country claims over sovereign rights of the polar regions of North America and even technological challenges. Imagine that, after the trip, you can broaden your knowledge about a lot of social issues, which is really amazing.

When the ship through the majesty of the Canadian Artic Archipelago stopped, I put the first step on Resolute Bay, where I could have chances to see some polar bears. There was one interesting fact that locking doors is banned in Resolute Bay, as you never know when you will be chased by a polar bear!


The summer is always the expected time to almost tourists coming here. It is very green here with wildflowers, berry plants and green grasses. And it is also an ideal time for canoeists, kayakers, boaters and river rafters to explore the Coppermine River from Kugluktuk to Bloody Falls and back. Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and snowmobile riding are popular outdoor activities. Go golfing is also an experience you should try! The Kugluktuk Golf Club has an 18-hole course located along the picturesque shores of Coronation Gulf. When the summer is coming, the landscape gets more and more beautiful with arctic flowers, mosses, lichens, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, stunted spruce and dwarf birch trees. In April there is a festival called ‘Nattiq Frolics’ with traditional Inuit games, dancing, feasting, seal hunting contests and snowmobile races. This festival can last for 1 week.

Coppermine River in my trip

The Coppermine River

There is one more place that you must visit in Kugluktuk is the park “Kugluk (Bloody Falls) Territorial Park”. This lovely park is located 15 kilometres (9 miles) southwest of Kugluktuk. It features 25 acres of beautiful terrain near the scenic waterfalls of the Coppermine River where it narrows into a cascade of churning rapids and twisting eddies. 

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