Best things to do in the north of Canada (Part 1) 

Best things to do in the north of Canada (Part 1) 

I have never thought about when and why traveling has become one of the most significant goals all my whole life.  I was attracted by the people and places that I had had a chance to see in tours when I was a university student.

Since then, I have taken my bag and gone whenever I have a chance. Confidentially coming was my journey to the north of Canada, one of the coldest and most remote places on the Earth. It was an extremely amazing experience.

My journey started in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, “where the gold is paved with streets.”

Coming to this special place, there are something immediately kept in your mind, as following:

  • The history of the Aboriginal Peoples is tightly attached to the area. We are just strangers or real guests in their land.
  • The citizens are extremely friendly and useful. They always own a positive attitude.
  • You will be a fool if you wear a big goose-down jacket in a not- really-cold weather.


There are so many impressive things you can enjoy in Yellowknife, which is easily become one of the unforgettable memories: the blazing northern lights, the beauty of Cameron Falls, the billions -of -year-old history told by rocks, the gorgeous sunsets on Great Slave Lake or the music produced by the drums of the Dene First Nation. Yellowknife is attractive to all tourists not only because it is a young city, but it owns the magnificent landscapes and ancient geological formations that will make you imagine as if you were at the beginning of the creation of the Earth.

Interesting fact: These geological formations are the reason why NASA named a region of Mars “Yellowknife.”



Like other tour destinations in Canada, this city also offers nice accommodation suitable for people of all social classes. If you are at a good condition, you can enjoy your stay at a series of luxurious hotels like SUPER 8 YELLOWKNIFE with $102 per night.

Super 8 Motel Yellowknife, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Staying at this hotel, you can have an opportunity to explore nature nearby.

  • Get a taste of local history and culture at Prince of Wales Heritage Center, just three kilometers away.
  • Drop a line into Great Slave Lake or rent a canoe and navigate to Latham Island for extreme fishing.
  • Hike nature trails at Fred Henne Park or dive deep into the wild at Hidden Lake Territorial Park, leading to Cameron Falls.
  • Climb to Bush Pilot’s Monument for panoramic views or climb Ingraham Trail for fishing, hiking, paddling, snowmobiling and skiing.

If you are in a travelling on a budget like me, you can completely try Northern Lites Motel with just &69 per night, a not-bad choice for your pocket.

accommodation in northern canada


Booking through online sites for price on online booking websites will be cheaper than booking direct prices at hotels

Advance booking from 10 to 15 days or avoid major holidays of the year


Hotel on Agoda always cheaper

There are nearly thirty good places to enjoy meals in Yellowknife. You can completely have a nice lunch or dinner from street food and fast food because there’s always something suitable for every taste. Choose fresh fish, pulled from Great Slave Lake, muskox, buffalo, elk or steak, chops, pasta and salads. Several restaurants offer extensive international wine lists. Besides, there are a lot of restaurants offering ethic selections including French, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and South American cuisines.

L’attitudes Restaurant-Bistro:

The service was great, The fish and chips were excellent. Everyone was friendly.. The restaurant was the only good thing about the Yellowknife. It was about $35 for two of us with coffee and tea. A bit pricey

Prices: main 20-40$

Thornton’s Wine & Tapas Room

These guys weren’t open when we were last in Yellowknife, but locals rave about the wine selection and innovative French-influenced dishes combining bistro classics like oysters and charcuterie with Northern ingredients like bison and char. Locals also flock here for Sunday brunch.


Prices: mains $20-40

Museum Café

I had a baked chicken with avocado and Texas brisket with mushrooms and caramelized onion on a bun with Caesar salads. Both were large enough plates for supper rather than lunch. The brisket was tender, juicy and had excellent flavour. The Caesar dressing was a little strong, but needed to be to balance the strong flavour of the brisket.

Best things to do in North Canada Part 2

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